About Us

The JRE's mission is to provide access to the deep and meaningful wisdom of Judaism to Jews of all backgrounds in a way that is relevant to their daily lives.

Welcome to the JRE —

Got Questions?

No Problem,
We Will Answer All of Them With A Question... JEWISH STYLE!

Is the JRE a new organization in Westchester?

Well, it depends what you mean new. If you mean a place where meaningful Judaism is innovative, inspiring, uplifting, and informative then yes, we are new!

If I already have a membership at my Synagogue is JRE for me?

If you’re Jewish, then the JRE is for you. The JRE is not a synagogue; it is a community of amazing Jewish people who come together to learn about themselves, their heritage, and how to add meaning to their everyday lives while elevating the world around them.

What's a Scotch and Steak Event?

Ummmm, it's an event where we drink scotch, eat steak, oh and study Torah, does it get any better than that? (Yes we have vegan friendly Torah… I mean cuisine, as well.) See Upcoming Events

I am looking to learn more about the Parsha? Said No One Ever!

Nevertheless we have great Parsha Classes for Men and Women - That have literally changed peoples lives for the better. See Weekly Classes

Is The JRE a 501C3 organization?

Why are you looking to give?! Of course we are! Donate Here!

Do you have to be Orthodox to join the JRE programs?

Who told you that?! The people who come to the JRE programs span the entire spectrum and from synagogues across Westchester. Join us for a program or an event, and we bet you’ll meet someone you know!

I really love a late weeknight Maariv, do you have that?

Yes we do Sunday-Thursday @ 10PM, not sure what Maariv is? Call us today!!

Since 2009, the JRE has been providing engaging events, sophisticated classes, and all-around meaningful Jewish experiences. Believing that Judaism can be alive, vibrant, and relevant (and taste great too!) the JRE has created a connected community from across Westchester who come to connect, learn, and be inspired. Join us at one of our classes or events; you’ll be glad you did!

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